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Effnetplattformen AB (publ): Effnet AB launches Effnet Header & Payload Compression portfolio for Industrial Communications

Luleå 2016-12-01 -- Effnet AB, the leading provider of header compression software for wireless and fixed networks, today announced the launch of a new product, Effnet Modbus Header & Payload CompressionTM as a part of its Industrial Communications products portfolio. The new product compresses both header and payload of IP packets carrying Modbus protocol.

Modbus is one of the most common protocols used in the industrial communications. With the transition to IP and Ethernet based communications, it has been adapted to be carried over IP with its variations such as Modbus-TCP, Modbus over TCP/IP and Modbus over UDP. The other most commonly used protocols are Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and DNPv3. Effnet's latest product adds further value to its existing compression portfolio by compressing the Modbus header and payload.

Effnet product portfolio designed for Industrial Communications comprises:

  • Effnet EthHCTM for compression of the Ethernet header
  • Effnet ROHCv2TM for compression of IP/UDP/RTP, IP/UDP, IP/ESP and IP headers
  • Effnet ROHC-TCPTM for compression of IP/TCP headers and
  • Effnet Modbus Header & Payload CompressionTM for compression of the Modbus header and payload

There are many advantages of using the Effnet header and payload compression portfolio:

  • Supports compression of both IPv4 and IPv6 (future-proof)
  • Supports compression of Ethernet, TCP, UDP, ESP and IP headers together with the Modbus header and payload
  • Significantly reduces header overhead and payload size leading to
    • Bandwidth savings
    • Reduced latency
    • Reduced bit errors and packet loss
    • More users and/or terminals on the same link
  • Robust and compression efficient operation even in bit error, packet loss and reordering conditions.
  • Highly modular implementation; possible to add further products from the portfolio with minimal additional integration work

Many industries such as oil and gas, mining, utility, public safety and military, transport and government use low bandwidth (narrowband) wireless networks for applications like SCADA with monitoring and control, public services and safety, disaster relief etc. These point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks typically use VHF or UHF and support both voice and data. On these networks, the legacy communications protocols are being replaced by protocols based on Internet standards such as Ethernet and IP. There are inherent benefits of this transition to improve connectivity, accessibility and reusability of applications at much lower costs, both capex and opex. However, there are challenges in maintaining efficient use of the available bandwidth with the added overheads of the new protocol layers and security of data and systems.

"Effnet Modbus Header & Payload CompressionTM  is a strong value addition to our current product portfolio for Industrial Communications. As the industry moves to Ethernet and IP based communications networks, it has to use its radio/wireless resources efficiently and securely. Effnet is committed to deliver high quality and efficient software solutions to address these challenges faced by our customers in this area", says Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director of Effnet AB.

As with all other Effnet products, Effnet Modbus Header & Payload CompressionTM is a highly portable and platform independent implementation. It is a lightweight and integrated compression solution with a well-defined API.

For further information, please contact:

Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director, Effnet AB, +46 920 609 18 or

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