Publicerad: 2015-02-10 14:44:15 CET
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Effnetplattformen AB (publ): Effnet AB launches Effnet Header Compression for Internet of Things (IoT)

Luleå, Sweden, 10 february 2015 -- Effnet AB, the leading provider of header compression software for wireless and fixed networks, today announced the launch of a new product, Effnet Header Compression for IoT (Effnet IoT-HC(TM)).
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of a large number of embedded devices using Internet framework. Some of the application areas of these devices are; home and building automation, transportation, medical and health care systems, energy and infrastructure management, and environmental monitoring. This interconnection of devices will use a variety of protocols and platforms but common among them will be IPv6. IPv6 is essential to address and access these billions of devices and easily interconnect them with auto-discovery mechanisms. Many of these devices will form Low-power Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPANs) based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. These devices are characterized by low bit rate, low power and limited computational power and memory. It is thus essential to minimize resource utilization on these devices and efficiently deliver information via Internet connectivity.
Using radio to transmit/receive data is relatively expensive with respect to computational power for processing of data, hence it is crucial to minimize the amount of traffic sent and received. Header Compression and payload compression are essential components for the reduction of transmittal and reception of data in a trade off with computing power. Effnet IoT-HC(TM) is fully compliant with the standard IETF RFC 6282 for header compression of IPv6 protocol and the standard IETF RFC 7400 for payload compression over LoWPAN networks using IPv6 (6LoWPAN). 
"We believe our new product Effnet IoT-HC(TM) will open up a wide range of new opportunities for us. Backed by our long experience and leading expertise in header compression technologies, our customers are assured of high quality of product and services", says Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director of Effnet AB.
As with all other members of the Effnet header compression product family, Effnet IoT-HC(TM) is a highly portable and platform, endianness (byte-order) independent implementation. It is an integrated compression solution with the same API for the standards RFC 6282 and RFC 7400 having lightweight implementation including all features suitable for devices with limited resources.
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Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director, Effnet AB, +46 72 930 2545 or
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