Publicerad: 2013-08-09 08:52:00 CET
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HCS Holding AB (publ): Effnet announces expanded license agreement with Freescale

Luleå, 2013-08-09 08:52 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Header Compression Sweden Holding AB (publ) 


Effnet AB, the premier provider of header compression software for wireless and fixed networks, today announced an expansion of its license agreement with Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., a global leader in embedded processing solutions. Freescale offers a complete solution, from chipsets to networking software including Effnet's header compression software, for LTE small cells. With the extension of the agreement, Freescale can now offer its complete solution, for the whole range of LTE eNodeB products, starting from small cells to the next generation macro cells. 

"Freescale's usage of Effnet's header compression software reaffirms Effnet's leadership in header compression technology. This partnership extends our market reach to all tiers of network equipment manufacturers. Our high quality products and services are important to our customers as demonstrated by a leading Japanese telecom infrastructure equipment manufacturer and a licensee of Freescale's complete solution, who has also elected to expand the agreement for its products", says Joakim Enerstam, Managing Director, Effnet AB.

"We are committed to serve our customers and partners long term. This is reflected in our business model and agreements which also generate revenue over many years. The order is important both strategically and financially for Effnet ", concluded Joakim Enerstam.  


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