Publicerad: 2022-01-19 15:07:19 CET
Effnetplattformen Holding AB

Effnetplattformen Holding AB (publ): Effnet releases Effnet Backhaul Header Compression(TM) for VXLAN, PPP and PPPoE compression

Luleå, 2022-01-19 -- Effnet AB, the leading provider of header compression software for wireless and fixed networks, today announced the release of Effnet Backhaul Header CompressionTM (Effnet BHCTM) for VXLAN compression, PPP compression and PPPoE compression.

The VXLAN protocol is ubiquitously used in communication between disaggregated data centers. When such communication is made over links with limited bandwith, VXLAN compression is beneficial to increase the throughput and communication efficiency.

PPPoE is commonly used for last mile connectivity (end-customers) over DSL, FTTx, HFC etc. On the customer side, it is implemented on the customer premises equipment (CPE) and on the service provider side, it is implemented on the DSLAM or an Optical Node. When the PPPoE tunnel is carried over links with limited or costly bandwidth, e.g., satellite or microwave links, Effnet BHCTM can save bandwidth and improve user experience.

PPPoE is also used in core networks which can result in multiple layers of protocols including PPPoE over VXLAN over Ethernet. Effnet BHCTM is uniquely capable of compressing all these protocol layers to increase the throughput and communication efficiency.

Effnet BHCTM is the most suitable header compression scheme for backhaul networks.

  • It is capable of compressing multiple layers of protocol stacks in IP packets.
  • It is highly compression efficient and at the same time requires significantly less CPU cycles to process each IP packet compared to other header compression solutions.
    • This is very important for high bandwidth, high packet rate links.
  • It supports compression of Ethernet, VXLAN, EoMPLS, MPLS, PPPoE, PPP, GRE, GTP-U, IPv6, IPv4, UDP, RTP and TCP headers.
  • The implementation is highly modular and extendable to support other protocol header types.
  • It is robust against packet loss, jitter and reordering.


As with all other members of the Effnet header compression product family, Effnet BHCTM is a highly portable and platform independent implementation. It is a lightweight and integrated compression solution with a well-defined API. For more information about Effnet BHCTM, visit


For further information, please contact:

Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director, Effnet AB, +46 8 559 21 873 or


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Effnet AB, based in Sweden, develops and licenses its 5G RAN software, 5G protocol stack for terminals, ASN.1 5G Toolset and IP header compression software including Effnet ROHC and Effnet BHC. Effnet’s 5G RAN software is highly scalable, modular and containerized. It is targeted for use in everything from small cells to disaggregated RAN and Cloud-RAN. With support for standardized and open RAN interfaces as well as Effnet’s focus on performance, the software is highly versatile and suitable for use in various applications ranging from wireless broadband to industrial IoT and vehicular communications. For more information about Effnet and its products, please visit


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