Publicerad: 2021-04-12 12:07:20 CEST
Effnetplattformen AB

Effnet licenses its ASN.1 5G Toolset and 5G gNB CU-UP software components

Luleå, 2021-04-12 -- Effnet, a subsidiary of Effnetplattformen AB and a leading provider of 5G protocol stack software for terminals and containerized 5G RAN software as well as Header Compression software, announces today that it has licensed its ASN.1 5G Toolset and 5G gNB CU-UP software components to a leading provider of open and cloud-native 4G and 5G RAN software solutions.

Effnet ASN.1 5G Toolset uses modern C++. It is portable, robust and provides high performance. It currently has support for ASN.1 in 3GPP Release 15 (RRC, F1AP, E1AP, NGAP, XnAP and NRPPa) specifications and the O-RAN E2AP specification. For more information, visit

Effnet 5G gNB CU-UP is a high quality and high-performance user plane software solution used in the Central Unit (CU) of a 5G gNB. Together with the Effnet DU software, this is a critical component to deliver data traffic (user plane) at exceedingly high rates. The software can deliver better radio resource efficiency by compressing IP header overhead when integrated with Effnet ROHC - the leading header compression solution. For interoperability, the software communicates with the rest of the 5G base-station components and 5G core via 3GPP standardized interfaces such as the E1 interface for communication with the control plane software in the CU (CU-CP), the F1-U interface for communication with the DU and the NG-U interface for communication with the 5G core. The solution is highly modular and can be containerized which makes it easy to design it into base station solutions of all forms from small cells to cloud-based RAN.

“Our 5G software solutions, ASN.1 5G Toolset and gNB CU-UP software components, were selected after a long and thorough evaluation process. This showcases the competitiveness of our solution. We are focused on delivering high quality and performance with our 5G software solutions and additionally, with focus on high modularity and interoperability, we will bring a variety of 5G RAN solutions to the communications market.”, said Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director of Effnet.


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Aniruddha Kulkarni, Managing Director, Effnet AB, Tel: +46 (0)920 60918, or visit:


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Effnet AB, based in Sweden, develops and licenses its 5G RAN software, 5G protocol stack for terminals, ASN.1 5G Toolset and IP header compression software including Effnet ROHC. Effnet’s 5G RAN software is highly scalable, modular and containerized. It is targeted for use in everything from small cells to disaggregated RAN and Cloud-RAN. With support for standardized and open RAN interfaces as well as Effnet’s focus on performance, the software is highly versatile and suitable for use in various applications ranging from wireless broadband to industrial IoT and vehicular communications. For more information about Effnet and its products, please visit

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